About me:

With more than 20 years of experience in the IT-Industry, Yves was – beside his work at the comdivision group – also involved with successfully bringing several (IT) startup companies to market. Yves was honoured several times by vendors and customers for his capability of transporting the highly technical IT concept to regular IT consumers using their language.His customers are primarily in the enterprise and service provider space, where he works on complex private, public and hybrid cloud setups based on customer needs.

Besides having been accredited with the highest certification there is, the VMware Certified Design Expert (VCDX), Yves holds most VMware certifications starting with the VCP3 up to VCDX-CMA, VCIX-NV, VCIX-DCV and is also a VMware Certified Instructor L2 for current and beta deliveries. In 2011 he was honoured as the Instructor of Q1 and was called into the selected group of mentors. Yves is a vExpert since 2014, EMC Elect since 2015 and NTC since 2017. 

Yves Sandfort holds a Private Pilot License for Single-Engine planes which he enjoys to use when possible. Since his wife Christina Sandfort gave birth to her daughter he also starts to get back into running with her whenever he is home.

My recent blog posts:

Moving our energy demand from consumption into partial production


comdivision moved already in 2017/2018 to purchase only 100% regenerative / carbon neutral energy to reduce our carbon footprint. We also invest in constant energy constant monitoring for offices as well as datacenter to identify potential areas of energy reduction.

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My way to the Certified Kubernetes Administrator achievement…


Up until mid last year Kubernetes was not high on my radar and to be honest we did not have it as a focus area for the comdivision group. We don't really have any big internal development which at that point in time could have leveraged Kubernetes, neither did any of our customers back then really attempt to build anything cloud native thou creating demand.

Kubernetes for me was for long far more on the developer side up until I spent VMworld 2019 US and EMEA with enough VMware people up to a chat I had with Sanjay and Pat around the topic. It became more and more clear and imminent that this is a topic for our group.

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comdivision has no room for racism or extremism of any form


We write the beginning of June and this year 2020 will for sure write history, after all the Corona/COVID-19 pandemic scenarios, lockdowns etc. there is an outcry about the constant problems around racism. I have been very clear in the past that comdivision has no room for any form of racism or suppression being it by culture, skin color, origin, religion or orientation. I do not agree with other corporate leaders that there shouldn't be any political statement by an organization. I agree that we shouldn't influence any form of election or the freedom of choice of employees or others, but whenever it comes to any form of anti-democratic behavior, extremism or discrimination this is a spot where we shouldn't be silent. I come from a country with a past which I had NOTHING todo with, we often have the feeling that Germany still is guilty. I strongly disagree. But we are guilty if we don't ensure that history doesn't repeat and that requires one first step and that is to not be silent. My grand parents were silent, they thought that it can't get that bad, they thought others would handle it and ensure nothing would happen. So for me it is clear, I will not repeat history and do the same mistake.

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comdivision:vexpert 2020 and the sub programs


For us in comdivision knowledge sharing is in our genes. Many of us are instructors and teach the majority of VMware products, but we are also very active in the different VMware communities.

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Remote Work, Home Office in the light of COVID19 or Corona


First of for now we are more than happy that all of us in comdivision and in our families are safe and accounted for. We hope this applies to yourself and your loved ones as well. Similar to many others I have been monitoring the situation and have been in constant exchange with our medical advisor, analysts and other managers on how to deal with the situation.

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VMware Partner Connect - Ready, set, go - comdivision is now a principal partner


VMware picked an interesting day to launch its long awaited partner program, Partner Connect, the 29th of February, approx. 1 month after financial year switch. We have been involved in the design of this program as have many other partners over the last 1+ years. This program has been designed. It was my pleasure to work with the EMEA but also VMware HQs team to design this new program and provide feedback.

First and foremost, comdivision holds the highest rank (principal partner) in nearly all categories and we aim to close those missing (and those not even yet public) within this year. We continue to thrive to be under the top leading partners in the EMEA territory. As we were second with 4 MSCs, first with 5 MSCs, first in DE with VMC on AWS, only partner in DE with 2 VCDXs etc. etc.

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Feedback providers - What I observed and how to improve...


Over the past couple of years I had to attend several conferences, round tables and advisory sessions. The number is increasing, which also requires me more often to pick and choose. What I found very surprising is the lack of clear feedback given by many people.

Truly I honor every time an analyst, community or vendor invites me to share my thought, provide feedback or influence roadmap direction. Out of hundred/thousands I seem to provide valuable input and while the number of these engagements is growing I have identified a constant group of people in the room, I even started a game for myself to note down on introduction which categorizes each one to help me focus on the value providers.

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comdivision and our give back


It's the time of year where we look back and see what we have achieved. But for us in comdivision it is also the time of year where we think a lot about those who are not so lucky. While we collect ideas throughout the year and even support several foundations all year long, the biggest fundings happen at year end. This year was fantastic, but als challenging for many of us in the comdivision group we made a huge step stone to transition the company for the future, had 2 weddings to celebrate but also some of us had loved ones pass away (sadly as I write this one more just uncovered leaving a family without there beloved mother for the holidays). Those of you who know me very personal, know for sure how deep in my heart some of the fundings are we do. I will use this post to tell you a bit about the different foundations we support and also why...

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Join the comdivision:family - Why we search for self-employed?


As we started the extensive journey to grow our team we got one question asked from @vhojan from ITQ, which is why self-employed? Let me explain in this post my personal opinion on why we primarily for now look into this specific group of people. And also let‘s be clear, the same as we said we look for people in Germany, Austria and Switzerland nothing is carved in stone, if you think you are a perfect match, please contact us and we will see what‘s possible.

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