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VMware UAGs and .local DNS unicast resolution


Last week we had our monthly internal security audit where we found that we should update our internal UAG appliances. During the review of our internal system, we also decided to upgrade the fronting UAG

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Better together: #vSphere 7 and #Horizon 7.12 with #Nvidia vGPUs in high end #vdi environments


Current situations accelerate the demand for virtual desktops and a proper virtual desktop infrastructure. I am working for years in the field of the software-defined datacenter and virtual desktops delivered via VMware Horizon. While standard office virtual desktops have become something like a commodity, the usage of hardware graphics accelerated workload and high-end demand is still kind of ‘newer’ and not as mature as the non-gpu workload.

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Was haben Vorstandsassistenten, CAD-Zeichner, Architekten und Rechtsanwälte gemeinsam?


Was haben Vorstandsassistenten, CAD-Zeichner, Architekten und Rechtsanwälte gemeinsam? In Zeiten wie diesen so einiges: sie sitzen vermutlich beruflich alle zuhause. Warum interessiert uns von der comdivison das? Weil wir für diese Situation seit über 20 Jahren bestens gerüstet sind und auch viele unserer Kunden auf genau diese Arbeitssituation (wenn auch meist aus anderem Grund) vorbereitet haben.

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comdivision:vexpert 2020 and the sub programs


For us in comdivision knowledge sharing is in our genes. Many of us are instructors and teach the majority of VMware products, but we are also very active in the different VMware communities.

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My EUC Perspective: COVID-19 Edition


With the EUC perspective I would like to start a new Blog series where I occasionally write about my findings and my perspective in the End-User-Computing area. This time – my first edition – will of course include the COVID-19 epidemy and its effect on the EUC business.

After several weeks of the COVID-19 outbreak, I like to categorize the business in three different categories...

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Unlocking UniFi AC-Pro from the ceiling Mount


not directly related to VMware, but since more and more are using UniFi Equipment in the home lab, I would like to share this with you.

I was forced to renew my “not so nice looking" LAN Socket for my UniFi AC-PRO ceiling mounted. So the new socket was not really a big task, but I also need to change the LAN cable from the socket to my Access Point. And now the fun begins. I tried to release the AC-PRO from the ceiling mount. After I few tries I figured out - no chance - I will not be able to remove the AP from the mount.

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Remote Work, Home Office in the light of COVID19 or Corona


First of for now we are more than happy that all of us in comdivision and in our families are safe and accounted for. We hope this applies to yourself and your loved ones as well. Similar to many others I have been monitoring the situation and have been in constant exchange with our medical advisor, analysts and other managers on how to deal with the situation.

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VMware Partner Connect - Ready, set, go - comdivision is now a principal partner


VMware picked an interesting day to launch its long awaited partner program, Partner Connect, the 29th of February, approx. 1 month after financial year switch. We have been involved in the design of this program as have many other partners over the last 1+ years. This program has been designed. It was my pleasure to work with the EMEA but also VMware HQs team to design this new program and provide feedback.

First and foremost, comdivision holds the highest rank (principal partner) in nearly all categories and we aim to close those missing (and those not even yet public) within this year. We continue to thrive to be under the top leading partners in the EMEA territory. As we were second with 4 MSCs, first with 5 MSCs, first in DE with VMC on AWS, only partner in DE with 2 VCDXs etc. etc.

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Feedback providers - What I observed and how to improve...


Over the past couple of years I had to attend several conferences, round tables and advisory sessions. The number is increasing, which also requires me more often to pick and choose. What I found very surprising is the lack of clear feedback given by many people.

Truly I honor every time an analyst, community or vendor invites me to share my thought, provide feedback or influence roadmap direction. Out of hundred/thousands I seem to provide valuable input and while the number of these engagements is growing I have identified a constant group of people in the room, I even started a game for myself to note down on introduction which categorizes each one to help me focus on the value providers.

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