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Unlocking UniFi AC-Pro from the ceiling Mount


not directly related to VMware, but since more and more are using UniFi Equipment in the home lab, I would like to share this with you.

I was forced to renew my “not so nice looking" LAN Socket for my UniFi AC-PRO ceiling mounted. So the new socket was not really a big task, but I also need to change the LAN cable from the socket to my Access Point. And now the fun begins. I tried to release the AC-PRO from the ceiling mount. After I few tries I figured out - no chance - I will not be able to remove the AP from the mount.

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VMware Partner Connect - Ready, set, go - comdivision is now a principal partner


VMware picked an interesting day to launch its long awaited partner program, Partner Connect, the 29th of February, approx. 1 month after financial year switch. We have been involved in the design of this program as have many other partners over the last 1+ years. This program has been designed. It was my pleasure to work with the EMEA but also VMware HQs team to design this new program and provide feedback.

First and foremost, comdivision holds the highest rank (principal partner) in nearly all categories and we aim to close those missing (and those not even yet public) within this year. We continue to thrive to be under the top leading partners in the EMEA territory. As we were second with 4 MSCs, first with 5 MSCs, first in DE with VMC on AWS, only partner in DE with 2 VCDXs etc. etc.

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Feedback providers - What I observed and how to improve...


Over the past couple of years I had to attend several conferences, round tables and advisory sessions. The number is increasing, which also requires me more often to pick and choose. What I found very surprising is the lack of clear feedback given by many people.

Truly I honor every time an analyst, community or vendor invites me to share my thought, provide feedback or influence roadmap direction. Out of hundred/thousands I seem to provide valuable input and while the number of these engagements is growing I have identified a constant group of people in the room, I even started a game for myself to note down on introduction which categorizes each one to help me focus on the value providers.

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vRO8 - a more in depth view


Based on my previous article about vRealize Orchestrator 8, I’ve decided to take a more in-depth view into the new HTML5 client, to highlight what’s good and demonstrate what’s not so good, and of course, trapdoors you might run into. Furthermore, I hope that the client will be developed further, to fulfill our needs as vRO enthusiasts. Please don’t be irritated by the fact, that I am using the embedded vRO of vRealize Automation 8, because I am planning a series of articles for that product too.

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Outcome Focused Approach Workshop


We have the ability to help our customers to create a well-defined and actionable IT roadmap, that aligns IT priorities with key business initiatives, identifies the culture, competencies and capabilities our customer needs to be successful and enables their IT to deliver strategic business value faster.

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comdivision and our give back


It's the time of year where we look back and see what we have achieved. But for us in comdivision it is also the time of year where we think a lot about those who are not so lucky. While we collect ideas throughout the year and even support several foundations all year long, the biggest fundings happen at year end. This year was fantastic, but als challenging for many of us in the comdivision group we made a huge step stone to transition the company for the future, had 2 weddings to celebrate but also some of us had loved ones pass away (sadly as I write this one more just uncovered leaving a family without there beloved mother for the holidays). Those of you who know me very personal, know for sure how deep in my heart some of the fundings are we do. I will use this post to tell you a bit about the different foundations we support and also why...

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Basic NSX-T connectivity troubleshooting


I came across to troubleshoot NSX-T connectivity issues between host transport nodes. My first idea was to check if the NSX-T kernel ports are able to “reach” each other, so I decided to start with a simple ping test. As we’re all familiar, in that case vmkping on the command line is a good command to start with.

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First steps vRealize Orchestrator 8.0


I decided to write an article, because we were discussing a bit on Twitter, about my first steps with vRO 8.0. To get everyone on the same page, I did a lot with vRO in the past years and I haven’t read the release notes or the manual. I hope, it will be pretty easy to setup and use it. We will see. Furthermore, this time, I explicitly outline, that this article represents only my personal opinion, and is not related to opinions from comdivision, VMware, or anybody, person or company, else.

I will neither describe the OVA deployment in vSphere nor adding DNS entries.

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Join the comdivision:family - Why we search for self-employed?


As we started the extensive journey to grow our team we got one question asked from @vhojan from ITQ, which is why self-employed? Let me explain in this post my personal opinion on why we primarily for now look into this specific group of people. And also let‘s be clear, the same as we said we look for people in Germany, Austria and Switzerland nothing is carved in stone, if you think you are a perfect match, please contact us and we will see what‘s possible.

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