About me:

Nearly 25 years of working in the IT industry Reinhard had the unique chance to see a major change in the overall technologies used and build on this broad experience.
Coming from a electronical engineering background and holding a Master of Medical Computer Science also gave him the theoretical and methodical toolset to suceed in this industry.

Reinhard is working with virtualization technologies since VMware Workstation v2.x and VMware ESX v2.5. Since then he has build up a vast amount of knowledge in the virtualization space.
As a certified VMware architect and trainer, Reinhard holds various VMware certifications VCP3-6 DCV, VCP5-7 Desktop, VCP-Digital Workspace plus VCIX-DTM, VCIX-NV and VCIX-DCV, and is also a VMware Certified Instructor (VCI) Level 2. Reinhard was also amongst the first AirWatch trainers which where not employed by VMware.

Other certifications are Cisco CCNA Routing & Switching and Veeam Certified Engineer v7, v8, v9 and Veeam Certified Engineer Advanced v9.

My recent blog posts:

Decryptonited – a story to get from 0 to VDI in 24 hours


In the middle of the real world COVID-19 crisis a customer got struck by a cyberattack.
A crypto malware infected a lot of their systems. This malware spread widely throughout the network into many systems. The infection ratio was so high that the customer decided to install everything from scratch.

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VMware UAGs and .local DNS unicast resolution


Last week we had our monthly internal security audit where we found that we should update our internal UAG appliances. During the review of our internal system, we also decided to upgrade the fronting UAG

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Was haben Vorstandsassistenten, CAD-Zeichner, Architekten und Rechtsanwälte gemeinsam?


Was haben Vorstandsassistenten, CAD-Zeichner, Architekten und Rechtsanwälte gemeinsam? In Zeiten wie diesen so einiges: sie sitzen vermutlich beruflich alle zuhause. Warum interessiert uns von der comdivison das? Weil wir für diese Situation seit über 20 Jahren bestens gerüstet sind und auch viele unserer Kunden auf genau diese Arbeitssituation (wenn auch meist aus anderem Grund) vorbereitet haben.

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comdivision:vexpert 2020 and the sub programs


For us in comdivision knowledge sharing is in our genes. Many of us are instructors and teach the majority of VMware products, but we are also very active in the different VMware communities.

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Why Reinhard Partmann joined the comdivision


Learn why Reinhard Partmann decided to join the comdivision:team

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The (rest of the) comdivision team