About me:

Philip has been working in the internet industry for over 22 years. Together with Yves Sandfort, Philip founded the comdivision group in 1996 and has been in charge of all things marketing, sales and content for the company. 

In 2005, Philip and his wife Claudia moved to the United States (first to Florida and then to the Philadelphia/New York City area) and Philip led operations of the US based comdivision north america Inc. 

During the 11 years overseas, Philip acquired an in-depth knowledge of technical English language and – since he also holds VMware Certified Professional (VCP) certification for Data Center Virtualization Design – is well versed in VMware's products for data center and end user computing. This makes him uniquely qualified to transport the sometimes difficult technical task descriptions into "human readable form" (wink) 

Philip enjoys playing tennis as well as flying helicopters and airplanes. He holds commercial pilot licenses for both rotary and fixed wing and is a certified instructor for helicopters. He lives with his wife Claudia and son Tom near Münster.

My recent blog posts:

Outcome Focused Approach Workshop


We have the ability to help our customers to create a well-defined and actionable IT roadmap, that aligns IT priorities with key business initiatives, identifies the culture, competencies and capabilities our customer needs to be successful and enables their IT to deliver strategic business value faster.

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My road to Clarity ... UI - Part 2


This week, the server side of things

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My road to Clarity ... UI - Part 1


A blog to share my path from total ignorance to becoming... what's the word? 'enlighted'? 

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What differentiates our content from other's


When we develop courseware, we do this for an international audience. We try to make the writing plain, consistent, and predictable so that it is efficient in conveying information to this audience.

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