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Backed up by 20 years of experience in the IT-Industry, not only with comdivision but also with various national and international companies, Matthias’ goal is to comprehensibly communicate complex solutions by using a clear, understandable language.

As a certified VMware architect, designer and trainer, Matthias holds various VMware certifications VCP3-6 DCV, VCP6-7 Cloud, VCP NV, VCIX-NV, VCIX-DCV, VCAP7-CMA Design and is also a VMware Certified Instructor (VCI) Level 2. He also teaches current and beta deliveries since 2009. 

Matthias was invited into the selected group of mentors in 2012 and VMware honored him for his outstanding contribution in teaching new technologies.

Since 2012 he is also responsible for class development for Cloud Management and Automation products of VMware. In 2014 Matthias was invited into the selected group of NSX instructors. They rewarded him with the vExpert title for Datacenter, Cloud and NSX for his contribution to community regarding vRealize Automation extensibility with vCenter Orchestrator, Network Virtualization and Automation.

My recent blog posts:

comdivision:vexpert 2020 and the sub programs


For us in comdivision knowledge sharing is in our genes. Many of us are instructors and teach the majority of VMware products, but we are also very active in the different VMware communities.

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vRO8 - a more in depth view


Based on my previous article about vRealize Orchestrator 8, I’ve decided to take a more in-depth view into the new HTML5 client, to highlight what’s good and demonstrate what’s not so good, and of course, trapdoors you might run into. Furthermore, I hope that the client will be developed further, to fulfill our needs as vRO enthusiasts. Please don’t be irritated by the fact, that I am using the embedded vRO of vRealize Automation 8, because I am planning a series of articles for that product too.

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Basic NSX-T connectivity troubleshooting


I came across to troubleshoot NSX-T connectivity issues between host transport nodes. My first idea was to check if the NSX-T kernel ports are able to “reach” each other, so I decided to start with a simple ping test. As we’re all familiar, in that case vmkping on the command line is a good command to start with.

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First steps vRealize Orchestrator 8.0


I decided to write an article, because we were discussing a bit on Twitter, about my first steps with vRO 8.0. To get everyone on the same page, I did a lot with vRO in the past years and I haven’t read the release notes or the manual. I hope, it will be pretty easy to setup and use it. We will see. Furthermore, this time, I explicitly outline, that this article represents only my personal opinion, and is not related to opinions from comdivision, VMware, or anybody, person or company, else.

I will neither describe the OVA deployment in vSphere nor adding DNS entries.

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Why Matthias Eisner joined the comdivision


Learn why Matthias Eisner joined the comdivision:team

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Data objects in vRealize Orchestrator


This time, I am writing about data objects in vRO, because I got asked how to easily create those and add dynamic values into the objects, like JSON, XML, and, my latest use case, dynamic powerCLI scripts.

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Automation of NSX with the API using vRO


This article focuses on the basics of automating NSX via the API and vRealize Orchestrator. Those two are a very powerful combination, automating NSX for certain use cases and workloads. Of course, you could use the provided workflows by the NSX plugin, but what if you would like to implement a use case not covered by the provided workflows. Furthermore, the built-in workflows are using the scripting objects instead of the native REST API. Thus, intended me to write this article.

Aside of vRO, Postman is a great tool to test single API calls. In many cases I use Postman to test the API call and transfer the body, used in Postman, into the API call structure in vRO.

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vCloud Director 9.7 vRO plugin configuration


This article explains how to use the “Add connection” workflow from the vCD 9.7 vRO plugin, because it’s not obvious in first place.

After installing the vCD 9.7 plugin into vRO (installation is not part of this article), there are additional workflows in the library, including a folder called “Plug-in Configuration”. This contains the workflows to add, delete, and update the plugin connection to vCloud Director.

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Understanding JSON objects


I am working as a VCI and teach a lot of trainings with vRO content and often get the question about JSON objects in vRealize Orchestrator and how they work and how they can be built easily. That’s the reason I decided to write an article about that topic with the approach, which helped me, understanding a JSON object.

First to say, JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is an object, based on JavaScript, the programming language in vRO. This leads to the fact, that these objects can easily be created and handled in workflows. Furthermore, I often use them to pass a lot of information from one element to another. Instead of binding many input and output parameters to certain elements, you only need to create a single binding and have the option to pass many parameters at once.

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