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Quick nmcli cheat sheet


As I wrote in a previous article I have to deal more and more with CentOS 7 and the use of the network manager and in special the network manager command line interface or short nmcli. I will use this blog page to create a little cheat sheet for myself with the most common commands I use and hope this can be helpfull for others as well.

Device - List

This will create a list of all devices accessible with the network manager.

nmcli device show

Connections - List

When you establish a new connection this is created based on OS etc. In my case new interfaces created a connection named Wired Connection. For myself I did lookup the device ID first.

nmcli c show

Connection - Modify / Rename from Wired Connection to Device ID

nmcli c modify "Wired connection 1" connection.id ens161

Connection - Modify IP Configuration

nmcli c modify ens161 connection.interface-name ens161 ipv4.method static ipv4.addresses ""