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My road to Clarity ... UI – Part 1


A blog to share my path from total ignorance to becoming... what's the word? 'enlighted'? 

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Unlock ESXi root account from host client


As I do quite a bit of lab development and support I see often people lock themselves out of the ESXi web based host client. Keep in mind this only locks you out from ssh and the web console. Password lockout is NOT active on the console/DCUI. Below is how you reset the counter and regain access.

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VMware Cloud Provider Pod 1.0.1 - Release Info


With VMware Cloud Provider Pod having it's first public appearance during the VMworld Session of Wade Holmes (VMware) and myself ( https://blog.comdivision.com/blog/2018/08/vmworld-session-introducing-vmware-cloud-provider-pod-hyp1499bu). First GA release followed on 18-October and now we have the first patch release on 20-November 2018. This release contains primarily new product versions of many of the integrated solutions, as well as a lot of bug fixes and fine tuning.

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ESXi host with previous VSAN disks unable to recreate disks or repartition disks


I came around a problem today where I had several hosts of a previously created VSAN cluster which would be used for a new VSAN cluster. After adding the hosts to the new cluster I couldn't create any diskgroups on them, nor was I able to erase the disk partitions with partedUtil or other command line tools.

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VMware Cloud Provider Pod - Designer (Part 1 of "let's see?")


One of the key functions of the VMware Cloud Provider Pod is the designer which allows you to specific data for your implementation which is then processed by the VMware hosted document generator to customize the design documents and provide you with a custom automation package and configuration file for a complete deployment bare metal to cloud stack. Ready to operate your public cloud. The video shows the work with the designer and is the first in a series about VMware Cloud Provider Pod.

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Docker Container - Cheatsheet


As I started a set of cheatsheets before and the feedback was overwhelming I will continue to expand with some useful commands on docker container. Again I do not thrive to run this as a full blown tutorial, nor do I think this is a full command reference, this just summarizes commands I need again and again. And some of which I search again and again  (wink)

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VMware Photon OS - Cheatsheet


As I start to use more and more Photon OS for smaller workloads and test scenarios I thought it might be good to collect some quick commands etc. which I constantly use had to research first. This will include standard network setup, the usual tools etc. If you miss anything let me know, happy to add something to the list.

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VMworld Session - Introducing VMware Cloud Provider Pod #HYP1499BU


Designing and deploying a multi-tenant public cloud is no longer complex with VMware Cloud Provider Pod. Learn how you can modernize your cloud provider infrastructure with an automated design and deployment of the VMware Cloud Provider Platform. Deploy and document a complete multi-tenant VMware Validated Design for Service Providers within minutes through just a few clicks. Learn how the VMware Cloud Provider Pod Designer provides guidance for all necessary Cloud Provider Platform components such as VMware vSphere, VMware NSX, and VMware vCloud Director, as well as optional products such as VMware vSAN, vCloud Extender, vRealize Operations, vRealize Log Insight and vRealize Network Insight. Explore the service offerings the platform enables out of the box and how the designs are validated. Hear about lessons learned, current product prerequisites and limitations, and target use cases.

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Quick nmcli cheat sheet


As I wrote in a previous article I have to deal more and more with CentOS 7 and the use of the network manager and in special the network manager command line interface or short nmcli. I will use this blog page to create a little cheat sheet for myself with the most common commands I use and hope this can be helpfull for others as well.

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CentOS 7 - NAT Router basic configuration


It has been quite a while since I needed to create a CentOS based NAT router and with all the changes in network configuration with CentOS and RHEL 7 it took me a while. Normally most I deal with is either core router or NSX based (DLR or ESG). So I decided to do a little writeup...

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